Sports & Remedial Therapies

Sports & Remedial Therapies

Vic Coomber has been practicing as a massage therapist for the past 7 years after graduating as a Remedial Therapist from Victoria University, Melbourne, in 2002, as a mature-age student. He continued with further studies at RMIT with an Advanced Diploma of Remedial Massage (Myotherapy), graduating as a Myotherapist in 2006. Later that same year, moved to Perth commencing practice at the Subiaco Sports Massage Clinic in Subiaco and South Perth.

By utilising the techniques and experience attained over those years, Vic has been able to obtain positive outcomes from muscular pain and dysfunction, resulting in less pain with a greater range of movement. His modalities include: myotherapy, sport & remedial massage, soft tissue therapy, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial dry needling, and fascial release.

What areas can we help with?

Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis)

Headaches & migraines

Plantar fasciitis

Shin, calf, hip, back, sciatic, knee, neck & groin pain

Tendinopathies & other sporting injuries


Tennis/golfer’s elbow (lateral/medial epicondylitis)

Results Inlcude:

Improving sleep
Reducing stress
Reducing injury risks
Less pain and greater range of movement
Improved sports performance
Enhancing the healing process
As a therapist, I have found it challenging and rewarding to work with a score of sporting professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts alike who are or have been involved in sports such as: swimming, diving, hockey, football, soccer, athletics, tennis, golf, cricket, cycling, sprinting, marathon running, triathlons and dancing, as well as a whole range of people from all walks of life.

My passion is helping people to live a healthy pain-free life, increase their ability to perform sport and work to their capacity and have general well-being. I believe remedial therapies are also complementary to osteopathy and have a positive outcome to overall health.

Please contact Vic Coomber on 0404 465 580 if you wish to make an appointment for Remedial Therapy / Myotherapy.

  • Initial sessions are 1hr, follow-up sessions 45mins
  • Health fund rebates as applicable