Sports Podiatry

Sports Podiatrist Perth

Dr Joel Bell, Podiatrist and Osteopath.

Joel Bell is the only registered Podiatrist and Osteopath in Western Australia.

His unique combined clinical expertise and personal interest in all things sport have created a strong reputation for down to earth, evidence based and effective advice and management of many sports related complaints and injuries, especially concerning lower limb bio mechanics and function.

The ability to call upon treatment options from the spectrum of both Osteopathy and Podiatry allow for an individualized and total approach to the complex problems that lead to pain and injury.

Ask Joel’s advice about any lower limb problem you may be experiencing.

Heel Pain

Ankle injuries

Orthotic assessment and prescription

Calf and achilles injury

Please note: Joel does not provide general foot care such as nail, corn or wart treatments nor complete diabetic foot assessments.