Hi there! As we move closer and closer to an exclusively online/self-managed booking system our FAQ page is extremely important.

Please know that we are here to help: if there are questions you need to ask (most usually before making a 1st appointment!) that are not answered to your full satisfaction in the FAQ then please do not hesitate to send an email or text your question to us. While we are busy in the background running the clinic one of our friendly staff will be able to respond to you in a timely manner. We suggest you make a booking so you can secure a time and day that suits and if for any reason once you have been contacted and you have your information you do not wish to keep the appointment you can cancel that appointment.


Referrals. Do I need a GP or other referral to make an Osteo appointment?

No, Osteopaths are considered primary health care practitioners and you can make an appointment as a private patient without referral.

I have a GP referral under the Medicare CDM / EPC scheme, can I make an appointment at Active Osteopathy? 

We no longer accept New Patients under the Medicare CDM scheme. If you are an existing patient (either private or previous CDM) we will continue your care under the scheme if your GP has referred you for Osteopathy.

Heath Funds and HICAPS, Payments:

  • Most Private Health Funds include Osteopathy as part of their suite of Ancillary Options.
  • We recommend that you check with your Health Fund that your level of cover includes Osteo if you wish to be sure you will get a rebate. New policy types are now a lot more flexible than in past years and often enough if you call your Fund they will be able to ‘switch out’ another service and activate Osteo in it’s place, it is worth a call!
  • There are no preferred providers in Osteopathy, all registered Osteos will get the same rebate for the same code at the time of claim.
  • We have HICAPS at our clinics so you can claim any rebate applicable (you will need your card) and pay the remaining gap. If you do not have your card, no problem, we can provide you with an receipt of payment which you can use to claim with your fund after the consultation, usually online.
  • We will require you to pay the full consultation fee at the time of consultation though. We accept Credit Cards, EFTPOS and cash.

WorkCover / Insurance Claims:

  • We accept referrals for WorkCover or MVA/3rd Party insurance claims under referral from your GP/Medical Specialist.
  • You must have a claim number from your insurer  which you can provide to us together with contact details of your claims officer/insurer at the time of making your booking.
  • You can choose to see an Osteopath as part of your treatment, however, many insurers (and most particularly ICWA) insist that you cannot consult 2 Allied Health options simultaneously without prior written permission. For example if you are currently seeing a physio for your treatment you will either need to provide written intent to cease that treatment to be replaced by Osteo treatment as your preferred Allied Health choice or request permission to continue the physio treatment and consult an Osteo in addition.
  • The decision to bill the patient or direct bill the insurer is at our discretion and is usually decided on a case by case basis according to several factors. The patient is responsible at all times for any fees either at the time of consultation or if the insurer declines to pay the bill.


Our fees  vary slightly according to which practitioner you consult:

  • Joel Bell – Osteopath and Podiatrist:
    • New Patient / Initial Consultation: $120 – 30mins
    • Standard Consultation: $100 – 30mins
  • Whitney Lewis – Osteopath:
    • New Patient / Initial Consultation: $105 – 30mins
    • Standard Consultation: $100 – 30mins
  • J’aime Barry – Osteopath and Myotherapist:
    • New Patient / Initial Consultation: $105 – 30mins
    • Standard Consultation: $100 – 30mins

Our fees are for 30mins 1-on-1 consultation and include (except in insurance cases where additional fees are likely to be applied for associated non-clinical tasks) any associated correspondence, letter writing, phone conversations or follow-up with radiology tests that may be associated with the patient’s visit.

I’ve never seen and Osteopath before, what can I expect?

Your Osteopath will ask about your problem and symptoms. This will include your medical history, any medications you are taking or other factors that may not appear to be directly related to your problem.

Your Osteopath will advise you if they can treat you or you need to be referred for further investigation. Your health and safety is always the foremost concern.

The examination and clinical tests include diagnostic, orthopaedic and neurological tests as well as movement and postural assessments all with the aim of clear diagnosis and to provide a framework for a treatment plan specific to you and your presentation. You will be informed and included in the discussion at all times.

Following the assessment and determination of your treatment plan a comprehensive treatment will be completed as part of your first consultation (it is not only an assessment visit).

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing whether that be loose clothing or ‘active wear’ as your Osteopath will usually need to move/stretch/access the area to be treated. Jeans and skirts/dresses do not tend to work that well!

As appropriate you may be asked to remove some layers of clothing so your Osteopath can palpate and directly access the area to be tested or treated. We want you to feel comfortable during your visit so make sure you let your Osteopath know if you are feeling uncomfortable at any point.


Xrays/Other test results

I’ve never seen and Osteopath before, what can I expect

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